What Educators Are Saying

If you’ve considered trying out project based learning with students or are ready to strengthen this practice, this book is for you!

Monica Burns, Ed.D.
Author of Tasks Before Apps, Founder of ClassTechTips.com

Project Based Learning: Real Questions. Real Answers. How to Unpack PBL and Inquiry is an inspiring book.

Peter DeWitt, Ed.D.
Author, Consultant, Finding Common Ground Blog for Education Week

Ross and Erin take the very real questions about the what, why, and how of project based learning and give actionable answers. They have thought about it all, done it all, and are sharing their strategies with you.

Gravity Goldberg, Ed.D.
Director and Literacy Consultant, Author of Teach Like Yourself and Mindsets and Moves

Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy have created a project based learning manifesto. 

A.J. Juliani
Coauthor of Empower and LAUNCH

This book is a must-read for educators who aspire to create more personalized and inquiry-based experiences for all students.

Katie Martin, Ph.D.
Chief Impact Officer at Altitude Learning, Author of Learner-Centered Innovation

In this phenomenal PBL resource, Cooper and Murphy unpack the concrete logistics of what it takes to facilitate deeper learning, greater student agency, and more real-world authentic work in your school.

Scott McLeod, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver, Founding Director of CASTLE

The book contains so much valuable thinking and good advice about effective teaching and learning practices, it is worth reading even if you have no interest in or no intent to implement PBL.

Ken O’Connor
Author of How to Grade for Learning and A Repair Kit for Grading

Not only does this book address the why of student-centered learning experiences, but more importantly, the how.

Starr Sackstein
Author of Assessing with Respect and Hacking Assessment

I’ll be referring to this book, over and over again.

Shelly Sanchez
Digital Innovator, STEM Teacher, Author of Hacking Digital Learning Strategies

If you are an educator (or educational leader) who centers students, inquiry, and self-directed learning, then this is the book for you.

Tony Sinanis, Ed.D.
NYS Elementary Principal of the Year, Coauthor of Hacking Leadership

This book makes project based learning practical and accessible for any classroom teacher.

John Spencer, Ed.D.
Coauthor of Empower and LAUNCH

This book is brimming with the kind of inspiration that can only emerge from a deep and consistent commitment to learning.

Angela Stockman
Author of Creating Inclusive Writing Environments in the K-12 Classroom and Hacking the Writing Workshop