Angela Stockman, Author of Creating Inclusive Writing Environments in the K-12 Classroom and Hacking the Writing Workshop

Ross and Erin captured my interest and earned my trust right out of the gate with this new collaboration by reminding readers that their stories are grounded in the very real, lived experiences of the learners they serve and the teachers they lead. And while their stories are real, these humans are humble enough to let their audience know that they may not necessarily be right and that in fact, they have no desire to claim false authority or disregard their limitations of their work. How different the evolution of our field may have been had more people with great expertise set out to share their stories with such careful intention. This book is brimming with the kind of inspiration that can only emerge from a deep and consistent commitment to learning. It offers just enough theory, it honors the contributions of many who have shared great thoughts on project based learning, and most importantly, it serves as a compass and a guide for educators who come from different systems. Here, readers find opportunities to synthesize the best of the learning they’ve done in different arenas, in service to their students.